Health Insurance

Altamonte MD is an IN-NETWORK provider with the majority of health insurance plans offered in Florida by commercial and government payers including but not limited to the following:


Altamonte MD proudly accepts the following Self-Pay options:

Master Card – Visa – Discover – American Express – Cash – Personal Check – Membership Plans


How does my health insurance deductible work?

Depending on the size of your deductible you may be financially responsible for your office visits until such time you have met (spent an amount equal to) your deductible amount. Generally, after a deductible is met the insurance will cover a much greater portion of your office visits if not entirely. 

Can I use my health savings account card at Altamonte MD?

Absolutely! Health Savings Accounts are a great tax advantaged way to pay for healthcare costs associated with your deductibles or out of pocket expenses.  

When do I have to pay my copay?

Deductible Balances, Co-insurance, & Copays are collected at the time of service. Our billing department is happy to review balances and make arrangements for hardships in certain circumstances.

How often can I have an annual physical covered at 100% by my insurance?

Major Health Insurance companies are required to provide at least one annual physical visit at no cost to the patient. As some plans are based on a calendar year and some on an annual date from the effective date, the eligibility for the physical can vary. Call our office for help figuring out if you are eligible to have another annual physical. Additionally, the insurance company will be able to tell you the last date and eligibility by calling the number on the back of your id card. 

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